The Creek

I stare into the crystal clear water and watch My life flow by in only a way nature can make it. My eyes wander to the trees and notice the pattern of the shadow the tree casts upon the rough black rocks. It is then I realize every aspect of the creek— the fish, the […]

Ocean Beat

I can hear waves crashing like drums. As they hit the strip of sand they leave behind a little crab. The tiny musician claps his claws together with such a tiny click that no one but I can hear it. Every piece of wind and sand dancing in rhythm to the salty spray of the […]

The Fairy House

Nestled between two gnarled tree roots Is a fairy house with A sunken floor of red clay, A triangular roof of interlocking sticks, And a winding path of pebbles leading to a Bark door. Inside, a sand-colored stone serves as a nightstand, And next to it lies a bed with a Moss mattress and maple […]