the sounds of morning greet me with unpleasant cheer the world’s awake after what feels like years of solitude the earth is smiling the birds are singing but still i lay heavy like a log refusing to move things are happening cities are bubbling boiling with life and sound mixing and whirring machines go round […]

Self-Portrait: Breath of Ghosts

We never used our fireplace until Hurricane Sandy snapped the power lines. Heavy rain and wind whipped around our dark house as the night grew colder. Our flashlights, the steamy breath of ghosts in the dead of winter. My father’s match struck a stack of miniature ebony logs and turned them alight like the bright […]

In the Playroom

The silver and bronze chessmen wait to be set against one another, next to Lego soldiers who defend their base from giant robots while starfighters stage dog fights. Facing themselves in an otherworldly mirror like an alien monument to primitive gods. While the slow whirr of the foot massager comforts my mother as she texts […]

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