The Avocado Tree

  The chair by the avocado tree had turned a faded green from wear For years it sat untouched behind the orange-red sunsets Built for the old lady with the fishing hat who kept forgetting Its purpose was to help her remember To stay in the present of the ink-washed sand And it stayed there […]

The Red Balloon…

When sea captains say they have sailed the seven glimmering seas, I have flown them. When climbers say they have climbed the highest peaks, including the monstrously tall Mount Everest, I have achieved higher heights. When tourists say they have travelled all over the world, I have done it more times than I can count. […]

I Remember the Water and the Wind

I remember the water and the wind — in the Adirondacks, in our small blue canoe. I remember the child’s paddle in my hands, with the muscles on my back and shoulders, tense and pulsing, with each stroke. I was maintaining our position in the water because I wasn’t strong enough yet to move us […]

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