Huài shì hǎo shì (Evil Things, Good Things)

Every New Year’s Eve, my friend tells me she smashes six pomegranates on her lawn, and when I ask her why, she says it is because she is Greek, and when I want to understand more of what she means, I read up on pomegranates in Greek mythology, discovering that after Persephone was abducted by […]

A Christmas Poem

Santa Claus is always on schedule If he misses, a piece of snow The wind will blow, blow, blow! That sled of his will set a trail Of a wish and a blow through the wind Those rooftops are The ones that clickety tock Some have branches tall and wide Others have so many thunks […]

The Sky

  The sky seems endless. All of the birds fly in it. The huge blue abyss.   Patrick Lusa, 11Stafford Springs, CT

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