The Magic Pen and the Superhero

Jeremy finds a magic pen that will help him fight his school’s bullies Jeremy was a dreamer who constantly hoped for an adventurous life, full of supernatural encounters. Like most boys at his age, Jeremy also wished for superpowers and extraordinary adventures. But despite excellent grades and various school achievements, Jeremy was constantly miserable because […]

The Bus Ride

It was Wednesday afternoon. I sat waiting anxiously at my desk. It was almost time to leave school. That meant it was almost time to go on the bus. I hated the bus. Big sixth-graders sat in the back. They always bullied us third-graders. Butterflies began forming in my stomach as I quickly jogged to […]

Tiger, Tiger

Toly hid among the tall grasses of the tropical forest. He could feel the cold sweat trickling down his face. The tiger was standing close now, so close Toly could feel its pulsing breath. The vibrant black and orange of the tiger’s coat hurt his eyes. It couldn’t see him; only the tiger’s keen sense […]