Finding Home

After moving to the U.S. from Vietnam, Hoa struggles to adapt Hoa fidgeted nervously with her brown paper lunch bag containing her turkey-and-cheese sandwich, small rounded carrot sticks, and container of applesauce that came in the drab, wrinkled packaging of a school lunch. She glanced around, feeling some kind of dread inside eat away at […]


After moving from a small town in Canada to a big U.S. city, Gale struggles to adapt Gale was a late sleeper. She had always been. It was just her way of responding to the weekend. But for some reason, she felt as if she wanted to get up now. And what made it odder […]

The Cedar Bracelet

A girl needs the courage to face a new home and a new school all the way across the country I only felt like myself when I was listening to stories. It was no surprise, really. Words were my sanctuary. I had never been good at making real friends, but those in books had always […]