Only an Ocean Away

I had always lived on the floor above my best friend. I lived on the 29th floor of our building, and she lived on the 28th. All I had to do was ride the elevator down one floor. But now it’s different. Now I have to cross an ocean to see my best friend. Abigail […]

Carrying Heart’s Roses

Nicole opened her eyes with the reluctance of one uneager to face the day. She hadn’t slept well that night, nor on any other night for the past few days. Her mind screamed the reason for her lack of sleep, and she remembered all too clearly the importance of that day. Stumbling out of bed, […]


The U-Haul pulls out of the driveway. Raindrops fall on the windows, pelting the glass in a steady rhythm. Dad is driving. He’s wearing his old red flannel shirt and worn blue jeans, which I haven’t seen since we came here, to Miami. My stepmother Lisa is in the passenger seat, humming along to the […]