The Day Before Fat Tuesday

Whenever I smell potato leek soup, I drift back to the Mardi Gras dinner, While serving the steaming hot side dish. Instead of hearing the soft music Playing in the background of the cafe I hear the clash of a glass plate falling to the floor And the loud chatter of hundreds of people. And […]

America Ever After

I love to go to the library walk through stacks and rows of books, picking whatever I like, the books pull me in. I can go on any adventure. I can sit and read all day, worming through them, reading out the whole shelf I am at home and somewhere else at the same time. […]


mariachis playing joyful songs and niños laughing street vendors, pregoneros, shouting out hopes of selling their goods las mujeres, the women, chatting as they slap tortillas on the patio these are the sounds of my México, the sounds que yo quiero mucho, the sounds I love Natalia M. Thompson, 11Madison, Wisconsin