Abhi Sukhdial

The Breadwinner, Reviewed by Abhi Sukhdial, 10

“Life isn’t always fair.” Remember that when you watch The Breadwinner. On the long Emirates flight to India, there were a lot of movies to choose from, but this one caught my attention. Emirates even recommends the movie! The Breadwinner is a 2017 animated drama about a poor family under Taliban rule. After her father […]

Summer Journal 2018: Abhimanyu Sukhdial’s family visit to India

Stone Soup book reviewer and artist Abhi Sukhdial, age 10, has sent us the first two pages of his summer journal. He is on a family visit to northern India for two-and-a-half months, visiting family outside of Delhi. Click through to read both pages of the journal Abhimanyu Sukhdial’s Summer Journal 2018, page 1 Abhimanyu Sukhdial’s Summer […]

The Crossover, Reviewed by Abhi Sukhdial, 10

Have you read a 200-page book full of poetry? Well my guess is no. but if you WANT to read one, I have the perfect book for you! It’s the one and only The Crossover, a novel in verse. I am a big fan of basketball; I sometimes shoot hoops during school recess. Based on […]