April Yu

Anne of Green Gables, Reviewed by April, 13

As quoted by Buddha, “With our thoughts, we make the world.” For Anne Shirley, a young, bright-cheeked orphan brought to the budding beauty of Prince Edward Island, the world cannot be more lovely than she imagines it. From a huge lake that she nicknames the “Lake of Shining Waters” to the multicolored flowers she fashions […]

Born on the First of Two, Reviewed by April, 13

We have lived in this world for so long that we often forget to notice its beauties and terrors. Although a blossoming of flowers on a tree branch or the putrid smoke of factory pollution might be perfectly normal to us, there’s something incredibly special about them in different ways. In Born on the First […]

The Raven Heir, Reviewed by April, 13

Once, the Raven Kingdom was a place of beauty. Starflowers bloomed along the soft grass shared by nature and humans alike, ruled by a kind person who valued everything under their regime. Like most good things, however, the peace was temporary. It was not long before war broke out over the throne and the land […]