April Yu

The Raven Heir, Reviewed by April, 13

Once, the Raven Kingdom was a place of beauty. Starflowers bloomed along the soft grass shared by nature and humans alike, ruled by a kind person who valued everything under their regime. Like most good things, however, the peace was temporary. It was not long before war broke out over the throne and the land […]

Curse of the Night Witch, Reviewed by April, 13

With over 12.6 billion views online, #BookTok has taken the world by storm—an ever-growing community of readers that shares reviews, anecdotes, mood boards, and more about the books they have read. Ever since the hashtag went viral, certain books, even those that had already been published for several years, soared back up to the top […]

Tiny Pretty Things, Reviewed by April, 13

From the outside, Manhattan’s most elite ballet academy is the epitome of perfection. Hundreds of girls masquerade in pink skirts and tight buns, their makeup heavy and smiles bright as they maneuver the many classrooms—arms graceful, legs light. People flock from far and wide to watch their esteemed seasonal productions. But, underneath the facade of […]