Caleb Berg

Writing Workshop #36: Veering

An update from our thirty-sixth Writing Workshop! A summary of the workshop held on Saturday March 13, plus some of the output published below “Nowhere is the haphazard and disruptive strangeness of veering perhaps more evident than in the space of literature. Veering involves all sorts of turns, funny and dark and revisionary. Indeed… in […]

Saturday Newsletter: March 13, 2021

“Sensation” photographed by Aiyla Syed, 13 (Ashberry, NJ) and published in the March 2021 Issue of Stone Soup A note from Sarah Announcements Twenty-eight of our thirty-five Writing Workshops are now available for public viewing online! In these videos you can experience William’s, Jane’s, Sarah’s, and a handful of our precocious students’ one-of-a-kind instruction. Coming next: […]