Lucinda Chu

103 Elements and Their Interesting Facts (Part 1) by Lucinda Chu

In this world, it seems like everybody hates everybody else, but if there is one thing most people can agree on, it is this: chemistry sucks, especially for those who find it super tough. But maybe it isn’t that boring after all. Here are 6 interesting facts you didn’t know about the first six elements […]

Better Ways to Ace Your Test by Lucinda Chu

Many people think burning the midnight oil before a test is the most reliable way to get an A. But is it really the best way? Sure, short-term memory can help you keep several important facts in your head, like memorizing concepts before a Math test, but if you want to store this information for long-term […]

Can You See the Stars? by Lucinda Chu

Illustration by Leigh McNeil-Taboika, 13, for Ella Jane Lombard’s story “Bright Star,” from Stone Soup’s Nov/Dec 2011 issue Stars have long been an important part of human culture and science, from astronomy to fiction to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” However, one-third of humanity may never be able to see the cosmos, according to certain studies. […]