Dylan Gibson

Why Animation is Important

Animation, while often thought of as a more or less modern medium, has been being used in different forms since 1906! Throughout the last century, we have used it to entertain, as propaganda, and to tell stories that invoke emotion. The earliest known animated film was made in France in 1906, titled Humorous Phases of […]

Software Review: Toon Boom Harmony

What it is: Toon Boom Harmony is a popular animating software that many professional animators use in films and animated series. It is also a software that I use frequently. Pros: Toon Boom has a LOT of complicated, amazing features!! One example is a tool allowing you to be able to animate something across a […]

The Basics of Animation: Walk Cycle

Animation is a complicated activity. It may look easy enough, but it’s actually not all that simple. It takes many steps to create even the most simple of animations. In this blog entry, I will be showing how to make a walk cycle, which is a character walking in a loop, in three steps. –Editors […]