Lauren Minyoung Yoon

A Day in the Life of a Sixth Grader

7:15 am- When my alarm goes off, I always wonder if I could just throw it on the ground, then go back to sleep. Well, I can’t do that, actually, because my dad is my alarm and I would be in trouble trying to throw him at the ground. 7:15 is the worst part of […]

Back to School in the Pandemic

“You must be…” the principal said. Through my nervousness I said, “Lauren,” even though my friends at my old school knew me as Eunice. Seems to me that I still can’t believe I just moved to Chicago from my life in California. It was my second time moving to a whole new place, and I […]

The Tale of Despereaux, Reviewed by Eunice, 10

The Tale of Despereaux is a book about the power of love and bravery. Despereaux is a little mouse that was born different from other mice. He loved reading books, while other mice nibbled on them. As he was growing up, he soon fell in love with a princess who had lost her mom and […]