Gerry Mandel

Bullying Is Wrong

Bullying is just plain wrong. It hurts the person who is bullied, and the bullies usually live to regret their cruel behavior. No one wins. In “Sticks and Stones,” the featured story from the July/August 2013 issue of Stone Soup, 13-year-old author Nisha Klein manages to turn her bad experience at summer camp into a […]

Equal Rights for Girls!

A girl growing up today can join a baseball team if she wants to. In the past, things were different. “Katie’s League,” the featured story from the March/April issue of Stone Soup, chronicles the struggles of Katie, a girl growing up in the 1940s. Katie loves baseball, and she’s really good at it. Her late […]

A Horse Story with a Twist

We hope all our subscribers have had a chance to read the new January/February 2013 issue of Stone Soup. There are so many great stories in this issue, it was hard to choose one to feature on our website. We finally settled on “Friends Forever,” by 11-year-old Naomi Vliet, about a girl named Rachel who […]