Amy Barnes

Gifted Soup Ingredients from A-Z: Asynchrony

Gifted Soup Ingredients from A-Z: Asynchrony “Discover your difference – the asynchrony with which you have been blessed or cursed  and make the most of it. -Howard E. Gardner The intellectually gifted 10-year-old who reads at a high school level. Are they driving? Or dating? Or able to run 6 miles for cross country? They may […]

Gifted Soup Ingredients: Dawbroski’s Excitabilities in Creative Writing

Does your gifted child or a classroom child react negatively to sensory stimulus? Instead of seeing the sensory quirks as a negative aspect of life, there are many ways to change the focus to finding a creative spark. Kazimierz Dabrowski recognized gifted kids often have overly sensitive responses to their environment. Within his studies, he […]

Gifted Soup: Thinking Outside of the Soup Pot

Gifted Soup: Thinking Outside the Soup Pot I have always loved the story of stone soup creation. With two identified gifted kids, it has taken on new meanings for me as a parent. While everyone brings something to add to the soup pot, I have to picture my 13-year-old son bringing in extra stones to […]