Jeremy Lim

Marketplace by Jeremy Lim, 11

The chatter of people is an ambience in the background as we near the Pike Place Market on Pike Street. A jazz band is playing in the distance, near a Starbucks, and as I near the entrance of the market, I can’t help but smile. A magician stands there, a sign proclaiming that for a […]

Why January is the Best Time to Visit Disney World

  Disney World. Disneyland on steroids, 4 separate parks, an entire transportation hub and system, multiple resorts within 33,100 acres of land, and the hot and humid Florida climate add up to an impressive paradise. The rides are astoundingly themed and the thrill rides have just the right amount of thrill, so no matter your […]

Why You Should Play Chess

  Chess. The generations-old game of strategy, cunning, and skill. Of maneuvering pieces with intent and strategy with a goal of achieving a key objective: checkmating your opponent. And yet, even if I put it like this game of masterful skill testing the very limits of your brain and strategy on the battlefield, you still […]