Jeremy Lim

Why You Should Play Chess

  Chess. The generations-old game of strategy, cunning, and skill. Of maneuvering pieces with intent and strategy with a goal of achieving a key objective: checkmating your opponent. And yet, even if I put it like this game of masterful skill testing the very limits of your brain and strategy on the battlefield, you still […]

Island of Thieves, Reviewed by Jeremy Lim, 10

I plucked Island of Thieves off the shelf absentmindedly when I visited the library on a borrowing-spree, and admittedly, I wasn’t expecting anything much. In fact, I had borrowed it for my little brother, who is an eight-year-old. However, our paths crossed sooner than I expected, as before a piano lesson I glanced at the […]

Furyborn, Reviewed by Jeremy Lim, 10

“The world will fall. Two queens will rise.” These are the chilling words written on the cover of Furyborn. The first of the Empirium trilogy, written by Claire Legrand, this intense book will take your breath away. The words on the back cover perfectly sum it all up. “Two young women, living centuries apart, have […]