Himank Chhaya

Cotton Candy

The history and science of cotton candy is often overlooked. But under the cover, it’s actually quite interesting. Machine-spun cotton candy was, strangely enough, invented by a dentist, William Morrison, and confectioner, John C. Wharton, in the year 1897. It made great success at the 1904 World’s Fair, known as “Fairy Floss”, where it sold […]

My Tribute to Kobe Bryant

I chose to write a tribute Kobe Bryant because of my love for basketball and Kobe Bryant. He, in my opinion, is one of the most talented and selfless basketball players of all time. Now he is no longer with us, and the world has been left shocked. I’ll remember him, because of what he […]

How to Play Kabaddi: Part 2

Hello again! When I left off my last blog post (Kabaddi: Part 1), I had just finished explaining a bit about Kabbadi. Well, I’m back! In this blog we will cover how to score in Kabaddi, and how scoring is kept, as well as how to be a Kabaddi referee. Here we go! We left […]