Nora Heiskell

Book Review: The Book Thief

The Book Thief was an intriguing read from start to finish. The minute I opened the cover and saw the words “Death and Chocolate” at the top of the first page, I was curious.  The Book Thief is about a girl, Leisel Meminger, growing up in Germany during World War Two. When I say that, […]

100 Days of Sunlight, Reviewed by Nora, 13

What are five things you take for granted? I could start by assuming that you take your senses for granted. The ability to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste are so normal that they are often not appreciated until they are lost. If you have never lived in darkness, or silence, or in a world […]

The Mysterious Benedict Society, Reviewed by Nora, 13

Would you say you are a gifted child? Your gift does not have to be in school, you could be a gifted soccer player, a gifted dancer, or even a gifted Rubik’s Cube solver. Reynie Muldoon is a very gifted child, though on the surface he seems perfectly average. He has average hair, average clothes, […]