Leo T. Smith

The NBA season is starting

“Really? You will teach me how to play?” he asked, not believing Since the last game of the 2018 finals, lots of teams have made roster moves and drafted players. The NBA draft came and went. Players signed deals with new teams. Now, the start of the season is approaching. This offseason, enough changes were […]

The NBA Finals

Steph Curry and the Warriors look to beat the Cavs in the finals for the second straight year. In most sports, including the NBA, there is a playoff bracket that the the champion has to complete to win the title. In the NFL, you cannot lose a single game in order to win the Super […]

NBA Tanking

By Austin Bjornholt [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), from Wikimedia CommonsWhen the Chicago Bulls announced that Cristiano Felício and David Nwaba would start in place of Robin Lopez and Justin Holiday, it was not so that they would win more games. It was exactly the opposite. In the NBA, every bad team tanks. Tanking is losing games intentionally […]