Lin Lynn Tao

The Veldt, Reviewed by Lin, 13

“The Veldt” is a dystopian story by Ray Bradbury. Even though the story is only a few pages long and appears relatively simple, it contains many concepts that should be thought about, as well as consequences of total reliance on technologies. In this story, people got houses that did everything for them, such as bathing […]

Okay for Now, Reviewed by Lin, 13

To be honest, Okay for Now, written by Gary D. Schmidt, did not immediately suck me in. The lead was rather ordinary. It wasn’t until I read about Doug’s brother physically abusing/threatening him that I really started to get immersed in the plot. Doug’s life is quite undesirable, in my opinion as well as his. […]

Echo, Reviewed by Lin Lynn Tao, 13

Does music connect people like nothing else can? Pam Ryan’s book, Echo, shows the bonds tied together by a single instrument. In Echo, a harmonica journeys around the world, through countries and decades into the lives of three children. The harmonica aids each child in their battles, providing strength through the joys of music. For […]