Mahati Kashyap

Travelogue: Whittier, Alaska

Brrrrr! It’s freezing out here! There is only one extremely long tunnel to get in or out. Look! There is only one tall building in this whole place! Where are the rest? Welcome to the tall but small, wild and wonderous Whittier, Alaska. The community under one roof! Last year, my family and I went […]

Autumn is here and so are the Nobel Prizes!

If you are living in the northern hemisphere, autumn is a time for enjoying all kinds of colorful fall activities such as leaf peeping, apple picking, pumpkin carving, shopping endlessly for the perfect Halloween costume, trick or treating and rounding off October with a sugar rush or even tummy ache! While many of us are […]

Goodbye, Summer

The deep green of the sea splashes in my face as I hear the roaring of the waves blank out people’s voices; the sand burning my feet as I first walk in. The shells, once home to clams and crabs, feel soft. Some young ones; rough and thick as erosion hasn’t worked its effect on […]