Mason Li

Apples, a poem by Mason, 9

Apples A sweet fruit, round like a ball. Pieces split with a slice of a knife. Pushing and shoving, hands start to reach for the slices. Long after the apples are finished, a slice lies forgotten under the table. Entering the room is the family puppy, Sniffing, who munches the unseen slice.

Peace, a Poem for our Veterans, by Mason Li

We see the words on veterans’ graves – all powerful, all dark, nothing left, no heart,  winners or losers – don’t care – both in the dark. Only left behind are their bodies,  filled with peace, sadness, and bravery. Try remembering when he or she gave us peace,  harmony. For that, we can thank them, […]

The Thrilling Race, by Mason Li

I woke up on a hot sunny day, looking up at the ceiling.  ”It’s time,” I said to myself, “triathlon time.”  I got out of my bed thinking, “triathlon.”  I got into the car still thinking, as I s….l….o…w….l…y fell asleep.  As I woke up to the sound of the car stopping: ”Are we there […]