Stone Soup Editors

Level Up Your Gaming Experience, Lexing Liu, 11

From Metroid, the pixelated action-adventure game, to Minecraft, the freedom-filled sandbox game, there is no limitation to what games you can access. However, there is only limited time and resources to expend, so you must be careful about what games you decide to play. Mario Kart, PokĂ©mon, and Ringfit are all games you can access […]

We will fly higher, Reviewed by Caroline Gao, 12

“Once upon a time, from a wounded land/ My family was pushed to leave our homeland,” writes Parwana Amiri in her book of poems, We will fly higher. This collection focuses on her love for her homeland, Afghanistan, and her experiences as a refugee at Lesvos Island. She writes about the feeling of her loss […]

Sistories Ep. 1 By Maryam and Nour Abdur-Rahman, 8 & 10

Sistories is a brand new podcast about travel hosted by two sisters–Maryam and Nour! https://stonesoup.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/11/Sistories-1.m4a Welcome to our new podcast, Sistories! My sister and I love to travel, and we want to inspire you to travel too. My name is Nour, and I’m one of your hosts, along with my sister Maryam. I am ten […]