Stone Soup Editors

Rescue, Reviewed by Emily Ke, 12

You’re running in a dark forest, the full moon’s light illuminating spots of the ground through the trees. Fallen leaves crinkle under your feet as you sprint mindlessly. You’re just trying to get anywhere away from your enemies; they’re out to get you. Suddenly, the sounds of a truck echo through the woods, causing a […]

Auggie & Me, Reviewed by Elaine Elizabeth Jinto, 13

Friendships can be hard to keep up with. There are lots of times when we feel it would be easier to not be friends with someone, and lots of people test your loyalty everyday. This idea has been explored in a unique way by R.J Palacio in her book Auggie & Me. Palacio’s first book, […]

Sleeping Beauty’s Rose: Amorino Gelato by Priscilla Chow, 10

Amorino is an ice cream shop based off of the two passions of co-founders Cristiano Sereni and Pablo Benassi: Italy and gelato. The first ever Amorino gelato shop was opened in 2002 in IIe Saint-Louis: the heart of Paris. This memorable destination is a must-go-to for all visitors and even residents of Paris. In 2006, […]