Pragnya HG

Jennifer Chan Is Not Alone, Reviewed by Pragnya, 13

Jennifer Chan Is Not Alone is very experimental in the way its lens plays with the reader’s perceptions throughout the story. The character through whom we experience the sleepy town of Nowhereville, 13-year-old Mallory Moss, arguably isn’t the protagonist of this story. The character arc she undergoes as the story progresses is very nonlinear due […]

Amulet: The Stonekeeper (Book One), Reviewed by Pragnya, 13

Amulet: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibushi is the gripping first installment of an eight-part graphic novel series about Emily and Navin Hayes, who, after the death of their father, move into a new house, which soon turns into a house full of secrets after Emily discovers a sentient amulet in the library. Soon after, her […]

Reflection: A Twisted Tale, Reviewed by Pragnya, 13

In 1998, Disney released the animated film Mulan, a musical set in Han China that centers around Fa Mulan, an ambitious girl from a traditional family who takes her father’s place to join the Imperial Army by disguising herself as a boy. With stellar musical renditions and a vivid storyline, Mulan had always been one […]