Pragnya HG

The Girl of Ink and Stars, Reviewed by Pragnya, 12

Maps are interesting little things. They make use of the stars and the sky and a quickly fraying memory to create a drawing of a world, from the crevices and geographical notches to the stories behind them. Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s debut novel, The Girl Of Ink And Stars, creates a surrealistic novel about friends, myths […]

Echo, Reviewed by Pragnya, 12

Sometimes the most unexpected things can change your life forever. New York Times Bestselling Author Pam Munoz Ryan’s Echo is a story about the power of music, family and just exactly how much the world can impact you. The story, which takes place across multiple storylines, starts with Otto Messenger, who, while in the midst […]

When You Trap A Tiger, Reviewed by Pragnya, 12

When you Trap A Tiger by Tae Keller is a story of family, relationships and the magic in everyday life in which, Lily, the Korean-American main character, discovers a secret about her family’s heritage. It all starts when she, along with her sister Sam and her mother Joan, go to visit her halmoni (grandmother in […]