Pragnya HG

The True Meaning of Smekday, Reviewed by Pragnya, 12

The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex is not your typical science fiction novel. Sure, it does have some mind-boggling gizmos and gadgets, and your typical alien invasion, but it also has humor, an overload of alien cuteness, a few weird but funny wordplay jokes on an even weirder alien race, and much more […]

The Lost Girl, Reviewed by Pragnya, 12

The Lost Girl is the kind of book you’d want to write but thought you wouldn’t do well enough. Luckily, we have Anne Ursu who skilfully spins us a thoughtful, emotion-provoking yet engaging tale. The Lost Girl by Anne Ursu is a weirdly beautiful Magical Realism novel about Iris and Lark Maguire, twins who are […]

The Unteachables, Reviewed by Pragnya, 12

The Unteachables is the perfect book for this quarantine, especially because it reminds us of those glorious days at school. You just can’t help stepping into the shoes of the characters and experiencing their funny, yet utterly captivating situations. The story is about 8 quirky kids, outcasts in Greenwich Middle School, Mr Kermit, an even […]