Sarah Ainsworth

All’s Faire in Middle School, Reviewed by Sabrina Guo, 11

Victoria Jamieson’s fantastic new graphic novel, All’s Faire in Middle School, tells the tale of an eleven-year-old girl named Imogene (Impy, for short) who, after being homeschooled her whole life, is entering a public school for the first time. Impy has grown up at the Renaissance Faire themed park in Florida where her father performs […]

Hoops: Elle of the Ball, Reviewed by Christine Chang, age 10

In Hoops: Elle of the Ball, Elle is the type of girl who would prefer basketball over dancing. Especially since she’s six feet tall at age twelve. And, for the past few months, this has worked out fine for her. But, when the new school year comes, and her new coach sees her height, she […]