Sarah Ainsworth

Paper Things, Reviewed by Shelley Tang, age 10

Do you ever worry about anything when you are in school? About your grade on a test? About who your new lab partner will be? Arianna Hazard worries too, but her worry is where she will sleep at night. When Gage, Ari’s brother decides he can’t live with Janna, their guardian, anymore, Ari goes with […]

Selfie Contest Runners-Up

You may remember that a few months ago we held a Selfie Contest. Though we announced the winner then, we decided to publish some of the other notable entries. Here are two that stood out:   Abigail Herrington, 11 Ewa Beach, HI Lauren Thompson, 10 Chelsea, MI   Have a Selfie that you’re particularly proud […]

Welcome to Nowhere, Reviewed by Nandini Sai Krishnan, age 13

Imagine having to leave the place you grew up, the only place you’ve known and only finding out a day before? That’s what happens to twelve year old Omar, in Elizabeth Laird’s Welcome to Nowhere, which sheds light on the ongoing civil war in Syria. The story starts in the beautiful city of Bosra in […]