Sofie Dardzinski

Notes on our Nation, an inauguration day poem by Sofie, 10

We the People have been creating cacophony dissonant chords and jagged notes, scattered rests and twisted octaves the chaotic melody vanquishing a weak, sibilant harmony as tritone chords overwhelm the concert while the awkward bass clef fails to signal the start of the ensemble in an imperfect union. We the People have not yet accomplished […]

The Chosen by Chaim Potok: A Discussion Guide created by Sofie, 10

Introduction The Chosen by Chaim Potok is a wonderful book about coming of age and growth. It shows how you mature as you get older and the important things you understand about life. This book is also about Jewish history, tradition, and customs, some of which are in conflict with each other. It’s important to […]

Observations on COVID-19 by Sofie Dardzinski, 9

Somewhere in China, a bat had a virus. That is how it started, a virus no one had seen before. It was a coronavirus. The bat passed the virus on to a person, who passed it on to other people in Wuhan, before they even knew they were sick. Now, the whole of Asia has […]