Sofie Dardzinski

The Common Worker

The common worker, Coal miner, stockyard worker, bricklayer, steel worker, table waiter, grocer, Fight for their share of their chance of a dream. When they work long hours, Dawn to dusk in the unjust surrounding of the city, They come to work and provide, Deserving the pay that comes handed over reluctantly, In an environment […]

Coming Together

The isolating, eternal chaser, A monotonous virus alarming our world Broke delicate bonds, Relations and connections lost in a dark standstill. The caution we evolved to have, Flexing and bending like a field of wheat in the meandering wind, Adapting and upending the world to a lively place, Protecting us from what is next to […]


Caretaker of the House, Cooker, Organizer of Paraphernalia, Player of Music, and Reminder of Kindness; Motivated, strict, loving, Mother of our Home:   They tell me your house is small with little room to work and I believe them, for I belong in this house, smelling every scent there is to smell and touching everything […]