Stone Soup Editors

Moonlight Waltz, music by Micah Lim, 11

Micah Lim, 11Guilford, CT Moonlight Waltz Micah Lim, 11 “Moonlight Waltz” is a new piece written for piano, saxophone, and drums. I was inspired to compose this when I started learning about jazz style. I wanted to incorporate some of the things I learned to compose a waltz. It is called “Moonlight Waltz” because I […]

It Was, a poem by Grace Mancini, 11

Grace Mancini, 11Glenside, PA It Was Grace Mancini, 11 It was red, like a ripe strawberry It was orange, like a bright neon glow It was yellow, like the blinding sun It was green, like the soft touch of grass It was blue, like the depths of the ocean It was purple, like a lilac […]

Believe, a poem by Ben Starner, 12

Believe Ben Starner, 12 The greater the challenge The rougher the sea The thinner the bridge The less you believe The wider the water The bigger the plight The harder the problem The darker the night The imposing contagion There’s people who fight So don’t be afraid But careful of night It soon will be […]