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Flash Contest #51, January 2023: Write a story/poem in which the protagonist/speaker struggles with their New Year’s resolutions—our winners and their work

Our January 2023 Flash Contest was based on Prompt #235 , which asked that participants write a story/poem in which the protagonist struggled with their New Year’s resolutions. We received a dazzling array of submissions, with pieces ranging from a meta-fictional epistolary log of a writer’s inability to write their Flash Contest submission on time […]

Saturday Newsletter: January 7, 2023

Bicycle, Elevated (Canon EOS Rebel T7) by Joey Vasaturo, 12; published in Stone Soup January 2023 A note from Emma Wood Hello all, I can still remember the first story my daughter, Margot, told: “Once upon a time, Sawyer [her brother] went to sleep.” That was back in June and now, at two years and nine […]

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