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Stone Soup Author Interview: Ennya Papastoitsis, 11

Stone Soup author Ennya Papastoitsis, 11, tells us about what kinds of writing she enjoys, from poems to short stories to novellas and now a novel, and how she developed her short stories in a writing club. Ennya’s story “Baking Cookies” (November/December 2014) was published in Stone Soup. Here’s a list of the questions she answers […]

Cassandra Clare

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As Long as We’re Happy, Part Two

In Part One, Mrs. Davids happily starts her teaching job and marries a doctor. Three years later, she is no longer happy; her husband has left home one day and never come back. She begins taking out her frustrations on her students, including Grace, the writer, Peter, the math whiz, and Danny, the class clown. Only Flora Pinecrust, the straggly but […]