Sydney Kesselheim

Shakespeare Translated into English of 2024

This week, I finished A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. This play follows the plot of lovers, royals, and fairies, who each begin with separate challenges, especially with their love lives, and who come together in the woods. This was my first time reading Shakespeare and at first I found it challenging. Much of […]

Fast Thinking on the Moon

A rocket ship called the IM-1 lander (AKA Odysseus, or Odie) had unexpected problems hours before landing on the moon in February 2024, causing it to fall on its side. The ship is phone booth sized and traveled 1 million kilometers before arriving in the moon’s orbit. The craft, which carried no people and was […]

A Conversation About Those Little Hearts

All around the world, on February 14, people celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s giving your partner flowers, or just receiving candy from your parents and friends, it’s a very enjoyable festivity that happens every year. But, the real fact is that, although chocolate is very popular, conversation hearts are actually the most commonly given candy […]