Sydney Kesselheim

A Very Special Beach

Like all other beaches, Omaha Beach had sand, rocks, and water. But this beach was different. This one had a history. Last summer I went to Paris, France for a seven-day trip with my whole family, and we experienced all of the traditional tourist sites of Paris. Some of my favorites were the Louvre, the […]

A Closer Look Into Nature

Look closely at the picture above and take a guess as to what it is. A banana? A rock wall? The skin of a kiwi? I asked my friends and family what they thought the photo looked like, and they were all stumped. If you look even closer, you might realize that this is a […]

Kung Fu Tea: Boba at its Best? By Sydney Kesselheim, 11

As I walk in the doors of Kung Fu Tea, located in Brookline, Massachusetts, the scent of my favorite drink, bubble tea, floats into my nose. I step up to the counter, where a nice cashier greets me and asks me for my order. I crave Kung Fu milk tea with boba and mango popping […]