Trevor Shum


If you saw that my dad was a pineapple, you’ll understand the concept of comparing humans to fruits or vegetables. This time, my mom is the one in question, and I think she can be compared to the dragonfruit (also known as the pitaya). You can do some research into it, but it’s a fruit […]

Aiming High

Hello there. I think that I’m going to stay anonymous for now, but I can tell you that I’m planning to be a mountain climber when I grow up, which is why I’m here, getting ready for my first bouldering lesson. Now, before you start thinking “Hey, you should know something!” as far as mountains […]

Summon the Mammal

With the ability to summon any mammal, I was safe. So, my adventure started in the Mystic Woods. That was a warm, breezy day when the soil opened in a fold and I fell in. When I landed on some concrete, the unnatural purple color told me straightaway where I was—Professor Haunter’s course. He traps […]