Aditi Nair

Cinder, Reviewed by Aditi, 13

Growing up, I don’t think there was anything I enjoyed more than a classic fairy tale, and, of course, watching Disney Princess television shows and movies! There are a plethora of fairy tales for all ages, yet Cinderella’s folktale is known by almost everyone, begging the question: why? This rags to riches tale initially originated […]

A Tale of Witchcraft…, Reviewed by Aditi, 13

Disclaimer: If you haven’t read the first book in the series, A Tale of Magic…, I would strongly recommend reading that book before delving into this novel. Have you ever dreamed of a faraway land with magic, talking animals, and witches? In this land, magic has just been legalized, or at least that is what […]

The Beast Player, Reviewed by Aditi, 12

Have you ever wished to communicate with animals and understand their thoughts and feelings? The Beast Player by Nahoko Uehashi (translated by Cathy Hirano) is not your usual fantasy book. Even if it has magical creatures and kingdoms, it is unique in almost every other way. Elin, The Beast Player​’s main character, has a special […]