Aditi Nair

Words on Fire, Reviewed by Aditi, 12

Imagine a life where smuggling and fighting is your only resistance against a very strong enemy. Your country may have patriotic citizens, but you know loyalty is not enough. In Words on Fire, the main protagonist, Audra, is a quiet and home-bound Lithuanian girl who has never been outside her village. After reading the first […]

Rea and the Blood of the Nectar, Reviewed by Aditi, 12

Twins are always known to be together even when apart, but have you ever read a book where the relationship between a pair of twins is slightly uneven? Hidden under the sleeve of every argument or ignorant glance, siblings will always have affection for one another; that’s the true beauty of having someone related to […]

Poached, Reviewed by Aditi, 12

Have you ever been accused of something awful that you did not commit? Was the evidence leading up to your conviction? Well, Teddy Fitzroy, the protagonist in Poached by Stuart Gibbs, succumbed to this unfortunate fate! Teddy is twelve years old and lives in a trailer right outside of the world’s largest zoo, Funjungle. After […]