Vivaan Kartik

Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Reviewed by Vivaan, 13

Ever felt like an outcast? Have you ever been shunned by everyone in your society? Have you ever felt as if you don’t belong anywhere? Ricky Baker, in Hunt For The Wilderpeople, has. Directed by Taika Waititi and released in 2016, this movie addresses relationships, and how vital it is to have a sense of […]

The Giver, Reviewed by Vivaan, 12

Intelligence, integrity, courage and wisdom. These are the four qualities a Receiver of Memory must have, and one more, which can only be named, but not described: the capacity to see beyond.  “Sameness,” a process that terminates all war, hunger, and pain, is ubiquitous throughout “The Community,” seemingly utopian at first sight. This spellbinding book […]


We all save money to buy something that we really want, but though we keep on putting aside a little every week, the money is stagnant. This is where investment comes in. It is crucial to know the difference between investments and savings. Money which is saved up in a bank or piggy bank is […]