Congratulations to our Book Contest 2021 Winners!

We’re thrilled to announce the results of our 2021 Book Contest. It was a pleasure and an honor to read and consider all the manuscripts, and incredibly difficult to select our two winners. We are excited to share more about the books and the authors with you in the coming months! Winners Fiction Foxtale by Sarah […]

Flash Contest #51, January 2023: Write a story/poem in which the protagonist/speaker struggles with their New Year’s resolutions—our winners and their work

Our January 2023 Flash Contest was based on Prompt #235 , which asked that participants write a story/poem in which the protagonist struggled with their New Year’s resolutions. We received a dazzling array of submissions, with pieces ranging from a meta-fictional epistolary log of a writer’s inability to write their Flash Contest submission on time […]

Flash Contest #50, December 2022: Use the atlas of emotions to choose an emotion you’ve never heard of and write a story/poem in which your protagonist feels that emotion—our winners and their work

Our December Flash Contest was based on Prompt #231 (provided by Stone Soup contributor Molly Torinus), which asked that participants use the Atlas of Emotions in order to research an emotion they had or hadn’t heard of before, and to write a story or poem in which the protagonist experienced that emotion. As has always been […]

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