Flash Contest

Flash Contest #37, November 2021: Write about a character who has everything you’ve always wanted, but still isn’t happy—our winners and their work

Our November Flash Contest was based on Creativity Prompt #176 (provided by Sage Millen, former Stone Soup intern), which asked participants to create a character that had everything they’d always wanted, yet still wasn’t happy. Again, we received a massive influx of submissions, all of them worthy of recognition. Interestingly, this prompt also gave rise […]

Flash Contest #35, September 2021: Write a story about you, but in a parallel universe where you had a different life—our winners and their work

Our September Flash Contest was based on Creativity Prompt #168 (provided by Molly Torinus, Stone Soup contributor), which asked participants to write about themselves with one small twist: the story had to take place inside a parallel universe where they led a different life. The prompt was interpreted in myriad ways, with many branching into the realm of science […]