Personal Narrative

Ethnographic Interview, by Alex

51 years ago, my father, an ambitious software engineer, was born. From this day on, he continues to work hard and develop new algorithms for software. Countless days go on rapidly, with new technology enhancing our world to perfection. When I asked my father about when and why he became interested in software engineering, he […]

Deep Observation, by Aedan

I walked down stairs to see my dad pacing in the kitchen while on a phone call with the vet. His eyebrows were furrowed as he talked about rabies. Finally, when he got off the phone, he said that nothing serious had happened, we just needed to bring our dog to the vet to get […]

Memory as Character, by Aedan

At a very young age, my life changed. When I was 3, I moved to Florence, Italy because my parents wanted me to be bilingual, and that wasn’t the only benefit I gained from living in Italy.  For 6 years I thrived there. I made friends, I loved my school and my house, I learned […]