Music to the Ears, a story by Emily Collins, 12

Emily Collins, 12 (Morgantown, WV) Music to the Ears Emily Collins, 12 One year, two months, and eight days. Is that really how long it’s been? Amber wondered, slipping her slender right foot into the early morning grass. Wet with dew and blowing in the wind, the grass felt like the ocean. She glided her […]

Spring Will Not Die: a short play

Characters The King:  A dictator, angry, cold, insensitive Thaer: The revolutionary, a young driven, impatient dreamer of freedom. Passionate with his people, tough with his enemies. Khaled: a young man, hesitant but quietly driven. Maria: A very strong young woman, who impacts the people around her in a powerful way. Lara:  Hesitant, always afraid. Rama:  […]