Hope for Quaranteens by Clara Kingsley Tripp, 12

Hope for Quaranteens By Clara Kingsley Tripp, 12 As a global response to the rapidly spreading COVID-19, millions upon millions of people have been forced to retreat into their houses. We’ve raided local stores, abandoned empty shelves upon empty shelves, and stockpiled our pantries with milk and toilet paper. We take lengths to avoid the […]

corona virus, a poem by Max Corthésy, 11

corona virus By Max Corthésy, 11   infected, undetected putting people in quarantine like a routine.   uncured, must endure washing hands a demand.   infectious, contagious hand to food, food to mouth, thousand dead, some sick in bed.   China, Italy might be the death of me countries on lock down.   watching right now […]