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The Life of Mahatma Gandhi and the Act of Going Deeper in Learning

Eleven seventh graders and one teacher are clustered around three white tables in the middle of a small room, the walls adorned with maps, a white board, and a picture of Gandhi at a spinning wheel. We are discussing Gandhi’s religion and how it influenced him in his philosophy and life. Ideas bounce around the […]

How to Get More Candy on Halloween

Costumes Everyone wants more candy on Halloween! Costumes and things can make a big difference in the world of candy. Here’s a list on the pros and cons of some costumes! Newspaper boy This costume, despite not being scary, can be a great help. For this costume, you could ride a bike, getting you from […]

Fahrenheit 451 and the Impact of Electronic Devices

The first time I read Fahrenheit 451, I was struck by Ray Bradbury’s remarkable writing. The second time, the breathtaking plot. The third time, the horrific, but modern ideas. I just finished my third time reading Fahrenheit 451, and the full force of the significant meaning hit me. There are so many big ideas in […]