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Poetry Soup Ep. 2 – “The Keeper of Sheep” by Fernando Pessoa

Ep. 2: “The Keeper of Sheep” by Fernando Pessoa Transcript: Hello, and welcome to Poetry Soup! I’m your host, Emma Catherine Hoff. Each episode, I’ll discuss a different poem and poet. Today, I’ll be talking about two different poets – one real and one fake. Can a poem be written by someone who doesn’t even […]

Poetry Soup Ep. 1: “The Painter” by John Ashbery

Mission Statement A lot of people don’t realize how great poetry can be, and there are very few places where young people can be introduced to great poets. I created Poetry Soup to share my love for poetry and to inspire others to read more of it. In this podcast, which will come out 1-2 […]

The Loophole, Reviewed by Sita, 13

The Loophole, a novel by Naz Kutub published in June, 2022, is a surprisingly original retelling of the Aladdin story with compelling characters who deal with issues like islamophobia and homophobia. Its protagonist, Sayyed, is an Indian Muslim teenager whose boyfriend left Los Angeles (and the North American continent) three months ago, to teach English […]