Young Bloggers

An Unsent Letter

Ellis Yang, 12 (Los Altos, CA) An Unsent Letter Ellis Yang, 12 Dear Miriam,  That morning in the city, two weeks before you left, I walked down the avenue as I do now. No sudden alteration great enough to be recognized transpired, for outwardly it was only a brief two weeks. For me, however, it […]

“World,” a poem by Kai, 10

Kai Gajilan Fowler, 10 (Leonia, NJ) World Kai Gajilan Fowler, 10 Bright, so bright  But Lonely, and tired.  Lonely   Lonely from being isolated for so long  Tired  Tired of being bruised and battered and scarred  And yet  Bright, so bright,  The fight is bright,   Filled with light  But stressed, and fretting.  Stressed  Stressed for surviving […]

The Satanic Pact that Kickstarted World War II

How close was the world to being a Fascist-Leninist dystopia if a joint alliance of Hitler, Stalin, and Hideki Tōjō had won World War II? This could have been a consequence if it weren’t for a series of blunders made by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, including one by Adolf Hitler, when he turned one […]