Three in One – Baked, Zest, Heliotrope

In this series of three time lapse videos originally sent to us as part of the April Flash Contest, blogger BlueJay brings a unique style to the genre of food blogging. In each video, we watch as the food—and in one case the dish—in front of us disappears in distinct frames. The minimal white background […]

COVID-19 Infection Simulation, a Scratch animation by Rebecca Wu, 9

Rebecca Wu, 9 Medina, WA COVID-19 Infection Simulation Rebecca Wu, 9 This is a scratch project that simulates how the virus can get spread around so quickly if we don’t keep social distance. [advanced_iframe src=”https://stonesoup.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Rebecca-Wu-9-Covid-19-Infection-Simulation-Scratch-Project-June2020.mov” width=”100%” height=”575″]

Animation: The Little Whale

I’m Myzah De Guzman and I’m 7 years old. This is my story, “The Little Whale.” I did the character illustration while my brother Mazen did the illustration background and animation. https://stonesoup.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/The_Little_Whale.mp4   Myzah De Guzman, age 7, United Arab Emirates